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Solve an evil confectionery crime in the dark forest

Umbrella Adventure - The Castle of Cake is a hand-drawn platformer, where you control an umbrella qielding monkey on a quest to find his stolen confectionary.

This freeware title looks great, with detailed black and white graphics, which while animated rather simply are really attractive, and have obviously been crafted with care. Umbrella Adventure - The Castle of Cake starts with a narration that informs you of a heinous cake theft, which your monkey character awakes to. From there its your job to journey through the dark forbidding forest to an even darker and more forbidding castle.

The umbrella in the title is your offensive weapon and your defense - acting as a shield when you duck. Like many platforming heroes, one enemy's touch and you're dead, and back at your last save point. Luckily, there are plenty of save points - flowers that you hit - meaning you'll never lose too much time if you do die. The action is fairly basic, and there are some irritations, like not being able to hit with your umbrella while moving, but the atmosphere and the lovely graphics make up for that.

Despite not requiring installation, Umbrella Adventure - The Castle of Cake will take quite a while to complete as the journey to the castle really is a long one! For a freeware title that's impressive, and it's good you can save, as it's probably too long for one sitting!

Umbrella Adventure - The Castle of Cake doesn't have the best physics, but the hand drawn graphics and great sound more than make up for that. Go find some cake!


  • Great graphics and atmosphere
  • Simple controls
  • Long


  • Physics are a bit weak

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